Kathleen Florence Willis

For all of you who knew any of the Willis Family, Kathleen Florence Willis, youngest and last surviving daughter of Ernest and Ada (Humphrey) Willis, passed away 21 April 2013 at West Parry Sound Health Centre at the age of 95 years and three months. She married George Henry Smyth of Allen Twp. Manitoulin Island in 1937 and after running the snack bar and a couple of cottages at “The Corner” across from where the road goes into Willisville, they moved to the Parry Sound area. After about 6 years in partnership with Kay’s sister Alena and her hubby, Alex Raby, they purchased a cottage and sleeping cottage on the shores of Big Lake, now Giroux Lake. They worked diligently and when they sold in the 1960s here were 9 cottages and the main lodge, all of which George built. They moved into Parry Sound and purchased a house there, which they later sold and moved to a smaller one just two doors away. George passed away in 1983 and Kay still resided there until her death. Over the years she had been involved volunteer with various charities and was pastoral visitor with her church. She loved her family and all her nieces and nephews and was a very hospitable person. She will be missed!
The last of the original Willis family.

Dawn Hicks

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Welcome to the La Cloche & Willisville Guest Book

We are updating the website to make your visit to La Cloche more enjoyable.

We hope you have enjoyed visiting La Cloche.

Please tell others about our site and we hope to will add an item to our Guest Book. Send your entry to willisville@gmail.com and we will include it.


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Adventures in Rainbow Country

Glen Chapman here, I grew up and fished in this area/ Can I buy a copy of all episodes of “Adventures in Rainbow Country” ?



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Bay of Islands

My uncle owned an island in the Bay of Islands.  I was 7 years old when I first went there.  At the time he parked at Birch Island Station where he would have his Peterborough boat brought to us on arrivel for our trip to the island.  We would go by the Lodge on our way to camp, as we were on the opposite side of the lake.  I recall hearing the bell ring for meals at the lodge, the boats with guides from the lodge trolling with fisherman and the bridge that spanned the channel between the lodge and the other island.  We would go by there regularly when we were going fishing.  This was in the early 60″s.
 Unfortunately my uncle sold his island in ’92, as he was older and could no longer do the work required to take care of it.  Wish I knew he was going to sell it!  Nine years aga, 3 friends of mine and I started going up.  They could not believe the scenery and the fishing.  We stay in Whitefishfalls at Bay Villa Lodge each year.  Looking forward to going this year.
Mark Chiodo
Bradfor, Pa.  USA
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Guest Book Entries July 2003 to December 2005

December 2005

Hello all Rainbow Country natives and fans of the old tv show. I and some other
fans are organizing a reunion of the show for fans and locales- with the ex-cast
and crew. We have had great interest thus far and we hope u all will be there.
To see what’s going down please check my site here and keep your eyes posted as
new news is made available. http://home.ca.inter.net/~deniswb/rainbow/reunion.htm and  http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/rainbowcountry

December 2005

Good day to all:

Please allow me to introduce ourselves, we are Pat and Nancy Rodgers and we
were residents of Willisville in 1985/86. We rented the second last house on
the end and had a great time living there. Unfortunately we had to move due to
lack of gainful work in the area.

We have made a number of trips back to Willisville and always make the climb to
the fire tower. This fall we made the climb and for the first time took a
digital camera with us. We have a large number or quality photos of the main
trail, top views and the lesser used trail that leads into the back of

If you could please supply a mailing address I would be more than happy to send
a CD with the photos, (named and dated of course) to your attention.

We also have many photos of our stay in Willisville which I will begin to scan
and save to a CD.

Thanks for the site as it is nice link for our memories.

Take care and have a good winter.

Pat and Nancy Rodgers
PO Box 187
L0K 2C0


October 2005

Have you heard about a painter/printmaker called Warren Jacklin? He did mostly
wild life, ducks, loons, etc..Some info appreciated.



July 2005


I came across your fascinating website searching for info on McGregor Bay. We
have a historic family connection to the Bay. My grandfather and grandmother,
Ivan and Florence Blair, purchased 10 acres on Samson Island in the 1930’s and
Grandpa later built a cabin and boathouse. My dad, David (Bob) Blair’ spent
many happy summers on the island, camping out in the early years. Grandpa was
an instructor of wood construction as Cass Technical High School in Detroit and
built docks, boat houses and cabins for folks in the Bay during the summers. I
visited as a child once in the late 40’s and as a 12 year-old in 1956. I think
the McGregors, mentioned on your website, ran the Landing where Grandpa came to
meet us by boat. Grandpa passed away in 1958 and my grandmother sold the place
in the early 60’s, I believe. My uncle Carroll Blair, school teacher in Detroit
during the school year, had a summer job with the Fergusons at the store for
many years. He and his wife, my Aunt Patsy and their son, Jim, owned a little
island just across from Grandpa’s place on Samson.

I would attempt to assemble some family pictures for your website, if that would
be welcome.

thanks for your help

Brent Blair

 July 2005

 Where is :  Stephen Shepley, nephew of the Smiths at what is now the Stevens cottage on Frood Lake –        Willisville visitor circa 1958 – 60. From NY or Pennsylvania. Father was an editor of Time  magazine.  

 Please contact willisville@gmail.com



9 June 2005

My name is Christian Younkins. I am 23 and I live in Pennsylvania. My parents and I have been traveling to Whitefish Falls for vacation for years.
We stay at Forbes Holiday Resort every year. It is so peaceful there. We are planning to leave for our Whitefish Falls vacation the 1st of July.
This will be my fiancés third trip there. He has said before that “When you find the perfect vacation spot, it is hard to want to go anywhere else.” He has said that about Forbes and Whitefish Falls.
You have a great site. I particularly like the historical pictures of the  town and the area. I always wondered what the stone steps by St. Augustine’s Church were from.

Christian Younkins

 17 May 2005

           For the past 5 years I and a few close friends come up your way and stay
at the Bay Villa Lodge for the May long weekend…. and we always have a great time.
Since it is coming up…I thought I’d do a search ..and came across your great site.
A few of those landmarks I recognize …it’s always a trip I get excited about!

Anyways great site!
David Irvine
 4 May 2005
 Jeff Wilcox
Family Member of Wilcox Island
Bay of Islands
Barrie, Ontario
I think of “My Heaven” every day and it’s nice to know that others can
see why I call it that! Great site!

Jeff Wilcox

19 April 2005
Great site with lots of great photos. I look at the site often in the
dead of winter and it just brightens up the day. Makes me want to head
down for a visit. How about a Baie Fine photo page? I often think
about getting into Grace Lake. Is the trail marked? Any ideas on
rocks? I’ve lost 2 foots in McGregor Bay and now just stick to Baie
Fine. Any thoughts?

Keep up the labor of love, as this site is great!

Steve Petrovic

18 April 2005


I really like your web site. I especially like the
pictures and I come back often to look at them some

I’m from Columbus Ohio and my parents own a cottage on
Manitoulin Island. My family has been coming up to the
Bruce Peninsula/Manitoulin Island area for three
generations (make that four now, with my children).
Despite all of the times we’ve been in the area, we
have only “passed through” the La Cloche area and
never really stopped to explore.

Your pictures have inspired me to plan for a canoe day
trip with my parents to Frood Lake and possibly a hike
over to Grace Lake next month. As I don’t know too
much about the area, is there a place to park a car
and launch a canoe for a day trip in Willisville? If
so, then you might see our truck with Ohio plates in
May. 🙂

You have a very nice site. Keep up the good work!

Geoff Davis
My web site: http://www.geocities.com/timberwolf1212

12 March 2005
Wanting to see pictures of Solar and ChandraLi Paul taken during the years of
their residence there from 1978 to 1986.

Rochelle Paul

4 March 2005Hello

I was wandering around the web and came across this site. And the Roszel name
caught my eye. Now I have not been in the Manitoulin island area for over 45
years and I may have the wrong place, because La Cloche does not ring any bells
with me. But Willisville does seem familiar. I would like to see if this Bill
Roszel could be related to me. Could you pass along a message to him or his
family. Does Hector Arnold Roszel mean anything to him.

Thank you . I have been doing the Roszel Family history for many years and would
like to get in contact with some of the family members.

James E. Roszel

 The Butlers
24 Dec 2004
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all of our visitors and friends. The guest book will be available in January 2005. Happy Holidays from The Butler Family
John Savage
17 Nov 2004
I live on Manitoulin at Bay Estates on Manitowaning Bay
mike charman
12 Nov 2004

Looking for Mary Jane McCoy. Last known address is Alaska. Perhaps a B&B. I spent the summers with Mary Jane at Golden’s Camp (now Bearskinners) during the late 50’s and early 60’s. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

10 Nov 2004

If you are a descendant of William, Ernest or Frank WILLIS, please contact me regarding new info on our WILLIS FAMILY REUNION on July 2, 2005. We are anxious to contact all descendants. It will be a great gathering!


Ian Phillips
 06 Nov 2004

I am from Little Current, Ontario. I am a descendant of William Henry and Fannie Willis. My great great great grandfather William Henry was a brother to Ernest Willis.

Andy McKean
02 Nov 2004

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me find some information. I got some feedback from Melissa at the Friends of Killarney regarding how fast a person has completed the La Cloche trail in Killarney Provincial Park – Ontario. Do you know if there are any official or unofficial records for how fast the 100 km La Cloche Silhouette has been hiked? She has heard of someone doing it in 16 hrs!! Wow!! Any advice on where this information could be found? Andy McKean


Dale & Linda Johnston, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories,Canada
31 Oct 2004

Hi folks Received your web page from my mother in Cobalt, Ontario where both Linda and I are from. My cousin Kerry Butler (Kennedy) lives in this lovely spot. Haven’t seen her for years and years. Your web page is very well done.

Darlene Millar (Johnston)
24 Oct 2004

In speaking with my cousin, Kerry Butler (Kennedy), it brought back memories of when I was in Killarney Provincial Park as one of their first park naturalists. Those memories are very powerful even today. The area has so much to offer and the views and solitude captivating. I’ve often wished that I could take my own family back there. Darlene Millar, Cochrane, Alberta (near Calgary)

20 Oct 2004

I am looking for a simple blueberry jam recipe. Hope you can come up with one. Thanks!! Please send to info@willisville.ca

Becky McLeish
19 Oct 2004

The old locals will remember my parents: Don and Pauline McLeish. we lived in one the Forbes Cabins for 3 years and we also lived in Willisville for 2 years. That was sometime in the early 1970’s. We moved to Sault Ste. Marie and are still here except for my brother Scott- He’s in London, Ont. Miss the fishing and the beauty but, Sorry, not the seclusion.

Melissa Colthrust
08 Oct 2004

OOOHHHH, I miss home, the scenery is so beautiful. I am currently living in Muncie, Indiana going to school, but I am from Mississauga, Ontario. Linda Charman, just wanted to say hello and thank you for introducing me to the site!!!!

larry williams
07 Oct 2004

Nice family pictures Lisa and beautiful scenery.

Pam Williamson
27 Sep 2004

Hi, there I read about your two web-sites in the Manitoulin Expositor this past weekend (also lacloche site). I am glad to hear that your site exists and was intrigued that you decided to retire to that area in particular – it is a little hard to get into, esp.during the winter. My husband and I were both raised on Manitoulin and are looking forward to going home this year (not to retire). It will be interesting to know how we (and the Island) will fare. We own a camp on the North Channel of Manitoulin between Little Current and Sucker Creek. Take care. Pam Williamson

Ted Sues
22 Sep 2004

Hello…Nice site My wife and I were in Willisville this summer (2004)during our visit to Killarney Provincial Park and Manitoulin Island. Neat town and absolutely spectacular scenery. We are from the Toronto area and go to Killarney canoe tripping every year but was my first trip to the Willisville area. We’ll be back

Paul Malcew
21 Sep 2004

Come visit us at The Pines Inn Killarney, Ontario

rick seguin
13 Sep 2004

hi i live in windsor ontario canada i visited this area in the 1970’s and remember seeing percy coons riding his boat standing up passing by kerrs camp. i stayed there with my parents and had a very good time. my aunt and uncle “don and emma meloche” were very good friends of percy and used to go to his cabin out on howry creek. these pictures bring back very good memories and i am happy to stumble upon them and i will share them with these people. i hope they can send you more pictures from this era. from what i’ve been told percy built many of the log cabins at kerr’s camp. i remember stories telling how he pruned the trees with his shotgun. and without a refrigerator he kept his bacon in a bacon box and for breakfast he would take the smoked bacon out and slice it for breakfast. what would we do today without a refrigerator?!!

12 Sep 2004

Calling all descendants of William WILLIS and Mary SIMMONDS. Please contact me regarding a WILLIS reunion planned for 2005.

George Czerny
03 Sep 2004

La Cloche and Willisville are featured in the newest travel guidebook in Canada ( released Sept.1,2004)…. “George’s Georgian Bay”. Whitefish Falls is named too, by author George Czerny, who travelled around and around Georgian Bay in recent years to gather information for the 180-page book. He headlines 54 municipalities around Georgian Bay in his book as he promotes the area as his “centre of the universe”. For more details, log on to http://www.georgesgeorgianbay.com. In the meantime, keep up the good work proomoting LaCloche and Willisville with this site! From: George Czerny, Craigleith, Ontario (near Collingwood) on the southern shore of Georgian Bay. e-mail to gczerny@georgian.net

Jane Bowley
01 Sep 2004

I currently live and teach in Glencoe, Ont. I was Junior Ranger in 1979, and continued as Junior Foreman and Subforeman for six years there. I still love to visit friends in Espanola. The greatest summers I have had in my life were spent up there.




22 Aug 2004

Super job as usual, Jon.



13 Aug 2004

Hi Butlers, thanks for a great week of hiking, eating, camping, eating, boating, eating, kayaking, eating, walking, eating, shopping and of course the best hospitality from the best brother and sister-in-law in the world. Don’t let me forget, he’s a great cook too. Love you, thanks for the great days.

Wendy DeHaven


10 Aug 2004

I have a few questions about Moredolphton lodge. Was it ever open in the fall/winter? If memory serves me correctly, my parents spent their honeymoon there. However, they were married in Nov. 1943. My folks refereed to it as Camp Moredolphton, not lodge. Who were the original owners? Did the kitchen ever offer broiled grapefruit? Thank you very much. Wendy DeHaven

Paul and BJ Guest


07 Aug 2004

Jon, we were were pleased to make your acquaintance on the porch step pouring over the Killarney Park map. Entering from the NW corner is still on our list of paddling trips. As a Junior Ranger out of Massey in 1968, I participated in an archaeological excavation of Fort La Cloche. I can clearly see myself sitting in that 5 ft square with a trowel, whisk broom and pail, scratching up bits of china, metal and cutlery. How would we know the Willisville website would remake the connection? Thanks again for welcoming us. See you again!

Dr Richard Blackburn


28 Jul 2004

Truly one of the finest sites for natural beauty in all Ontario, in any season. I’ve gazed from it each summer for almost 25 years

Emily Weber


13 Jul 2004

USA. My family vacations every year on Lake Charlton..Weber Island. It is hard to be away from the island all year only to see it for a week or two in the summer, but these pictures are a nice reminder.

Cindy Ellison


06 Jul 2004

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures on this site. Since I grew up in Willisville it was really nice to find the web site and see all the pictures.



27 Jun 2004


Beautiful pictures and interesting historical pictures. Keep up the good work.

Gene Hogg


27 Jun 2004

Have visited and fished from Charlton Lake but lovre the canoe trips to Killarney not going this year 2004 but miss it and will return in 2005 BEAUTIFUL is all I can say about La Cloche Mountains and Killarney

denis,christina,leah and caryn


13 Jun 2004

hi jon,kerry,vanessa and sam, betty gave me your “site” address today in the grocery store. betty still looks great. we are all doing well and trust you are also. i was a “junior ranger” located at “killary park” in 1967. i had a great time. christina vacationed at the “black rock” resort with her family during the 70’s. she loved every moment. bye for now. the zapotochny family.

Winston Golden

10 Jun 2004

Super job in establishing this web site. As an old family resident of Willisville, Whitefish Falls area, I certainly appreciate the effort. Cheers!!!

melissa charman gitomer


04 Jun 2004

the place where childhood memories were made. looks similar to where i live now, flagstaff, arizona, but little water here. lots o’ mountains, though. melissa charman gitomer

Susie Hill

02 Jun 2004

Just to let you know we own an island in McGregor Bay. we are in north bay directly across from Walsers Landing. We are the middle of the “3 sisters islands” on the way to the pothole portage. The pictures are lovely. My uncle, Ernest Abbott arrived up in the bay in 1929 and bought the island now known as “Rocky Bottoms”. at that time there were maybe only about 10 families living there. My grandfather, Merle Abbott started coming up with his family and staying with Ernest in 1934 and bought his island in 1948. I started coming up the year I was born and started bringing my son up the year he was born in 1968, and my daughter followed in 1971. I have only missed the year of 1972 since then, and don’t expect to miss another as long as my health holds out. We don’t think there is a finer place anywhere on this earth. The world gets smaller and smaller by our technologies today, doesnt it? But, fortunately, McGregor Bay has not been changed too much by it. Thank you for the opportunity to look at these wonderful pictures and make me think I am there when I see them!! Susie Hill

Scott Gaddis


02 Jun 2004

I am pretty sure this is were my mother and step father live.(Mike & Linda) You should know who this is if what they say is true (everyone knows everyone) Just here checking it out. Looks like a wonderful place to be. SWEEEEETT!!!!!!!!!

Jon Butler


19 May 2004

Help support our website by purchasing a willisville.ca or La Cloche.ca hat today. Check out the General Store for complete details. We are expanding our McGregor Bay, Bay of Islands and Killarney photo galleries so please send us your photos and tell your neighbours to do the same. Thanks for your help to make this site a pictorial history of La Cloche.

Scott Inkley

30 Apr 2004

Ruth Johnson’s picture #20 (Killarney Photo Gallery) in 1941 is of the MIZPAH, Commander Eugene McDonald’s 185 foot yacht. It was McDonald, whom Roosevelt came to fish with in 1943. The Mizpah was commissioned naval ship PY29 in 1942. This is the last picture of her in the bay.



27 Apr 2004

WOW great site i lived there for so long i have only been gome for 2 years and i miss it dearly when i seen all the pictures of the area i nearly shed a tear thanks for what maby a last look



15 Apr 2004

Hi, I just made a short visit to your site, nice page, keep on – Greetings Andrea

Stuart Bailey


12 Apr 2004

Thank you very much for the great tour on Friday, April the 9th Jon. I have given the website address to a friend of mine who left Willisville in the early forties. Perhaps all of us will be back since we all live in North Bay, which is not very far away. The website is great too.

Jessie Willis


14 Mar 2004

I was using Google.com for a random picture search…I typed in my own name, Jessie Willis, for a search and it brought up a picture of the Willis family; it amazed me to see that one of the members of the family had my exact name with the same spelling. So I clicked on a link to this site for Willisville. I would have never imagined there was such a place. I live in Alabama, United States of America

Carol Hill


11 Mar 2004

So happy to learn about this beautiful part of the world .Have lived on Manitoulin for only a short time[2 Yr.]Carol Hill, I am exploring & Willisville was one of my first stops .We have an island on Tyson Lake so Killarney is dear to our hearts as well, children worked & lived there as they grew . We live just outside of Sucker Creek over looking the North Channel & the la Cloche mountains ,Fort La cloche is right across the channel & the view from the dinning room window is glorious[from any window in our home].THANK YOU ! Carol Hill

Frank Springer


10 Mar 2004

A great site. I was pleasantly surprised at the information included. My parents, Oscar and Eunice Springer, lived in Willisville in the early 1940’s and I visited there often as a teenager to play hockey, hike, hunt and fish with my cousin, Max Stevens. I always understood why artists enjoyed the area, and fondly remember climbing the fire tower when the Fire Ranger was there. He would let us use his binoculars to view the smokestack in Sudbury. It is indeed picturesque. I now live in Wawa, Ontario where I have worked for the Algoma District School Board (and predecessors) for 31 years. I look forward to visiting Willisville again in the not-to-distant future. I also learned of the site through Doug Becks, a high school classmate and former resident of Willisville, now living in sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Monty White


04 Mar 2004

Beautiful work! Monty

Sue Nielsen


02 Mar 2004

Love the photos, I am a freelance writer/photographer myself and nature lover and pure northern girl. I truly underappreciated the beauty of the La Cloche region. The spirituality of the landscape and people is admirable. Thks Sue Nielsen Espanola.

Mike Lahaie
01 Mar 2004

Hi there. I remember you being publisher at the Standard and I also know Bill Stewart where he worked in Elliot Lake.I remember buying a set of traynor speakers off you .Nice to see you have chosen a new path in your career.Best of luck to you and family. I have a cottage on Lang lake just behind you.I’m right at the bottom of the LaCloche mountains. Like my grandfather and father I have chosen this water shed to live in the summer,sometimes winter. I’ve come here to lang since I was a toddler at the knights of columbus camp when it was open.The only thing different my dad and grandfather used to canoe the waterways into whitefish falls every year. I use a motorized boat to get to camp 3 miles up. I’ll keep in touch Mike Lahaie http://www.northforkrecordingstudio.com You may recognize me in one of my pictures there.

24 Feb 2004

Hi guys, thanks for the great weekend! The snow was spectacular, the walks envigorating, the scenery beautiful and as usual the hospitality wonderful. Thanks again to Mrs. Golden for her “golden” apple pie! Love you. Vicki

Bonnie Wheeler
22 Feb 2004

Hi, Just checking in to see the changes. It is great to see pictures of the store and train station and to read coments by my cousins and their kids. Your site is well appreciated. Bonnie

Rick Weber
18 Feb 2004

Hi There My family has been coming to Lake Charlton my whole life. To me it is the most beautiful place in the world. Frank G. Weber is my Grampa (to me the greatest man alive) he has kept our entire family together with his cabin there. It is like a dreamworld to a child. The sunrise and sunset, the smell of the air,the breeze,the rainy days, the fish, the rocks. Lake Charlton is my paradise,and I plan for my children to have the same love for Canada. We will be up again this summer, and hopefully every summer for the rest of my life. Sincerely, Rick Weber

Shirley & Ed – Mohawk Motel Massey
18 Feb 2004

Hi John, We read about your websites in “Around and About”. We bought the Mohawk Motel and moved to Massey 2 years ago and we love it here. Great pictures you have on your website. We have friends who live at the LaCloche – that way we have the privilege to enjoy the beauty of it once in a while. I always wanted to take photos of the LaCloche area for our website. I also took some gorgeous pictures of the North Channel, which you can find on our website: http://www.mohawkmotel.ca or http://www.mohawkmotel.ca/northchannel.htm We, Ed and I, love to see websites of our great area!! Keep up the good work! Ed and Shirley

18 Feb 2004


Richard Wayne Golden
17 Feb 2004

Born Sudbury Jan 1 1941 lived Espanola 1946 to 1958 Willisville 1984 to 1988 My Grandfather Richard Golden and his 3 brothers George Wellington, Robert and Charles Golden Harolds dad settled the valley between white fish falls and the tower in 1923 In 1994 I was in the First Infantry Division Museum In cantigny Illinois and found records showing Harold’s dad MY uncle Charles was in the American army in WW1 and a platoon Sgt with the 1st Infantry Division 1st Battlion 18th Infantry Rangers had been decorated by General Black Jack Pershing for Valour he and 3 of his platoon took 30 German prisoners after hand to hand combat.I gave copies of these records to Mary Lou Harold’s wife. I had served in this division in VietNam hence my reason for visiting this museum

Roberta Scully
17 Feb 2004

Beautiful Site! I’ve often taken pictures during my kayak sojurns around Whitefish Falls/Bay of Islands…..it’s truly magnificent country. Since they’re not digital, I can’t forward any at present, but I live in Espanola and will surely be taking more. R.S.

Ed and Mary Ann Streacker
15 Feb 2004

You have a very beautiful website. Found you website from info in our McGregor Bay newsletter. We have property on the mainland next to Tom Green. Ed purchased the property from Rueben Green in 1967. Our family of three sons, have been going there, ever since. Our sons are married and bring there families, every summer. We built our cottage there, and have added on to it, and other structures, as well. Always look forward to our trips to the Bay. We have been just about everywhere you can go by boat. The last two summers we have traveled in our cruiser, from Lake Erie to our cottage. Very nice voyage. We have many memories and photos, of our many trips. Enjoyed a fall stop at Willisville, to view the foilage from there. Keep up the good work. Thank you. The best area in the world.

alison streacker
15 Feb 2004

this is a cool site to be at!i live in the USA!

Solar Paul
13 Feb 2004

Hello, Hey its the prodigical son come back after all these years! I’m back in the hood.Looking forward to Lou`s apple pie; Harolds rhetoric, and big pike off the pump-house. Call ME1 LOVE LOVE LOVE

Eloise Aho
12 Feb 2004

Steve Weber
10 Feb 2004

Dayton, Ohio – USA I’ve been going to Charlton Lake since I was born. I love it!

D’Arcy O’Neill
10 Feb 2004

A favourite site, the photos are all “Northern windows” to me as I work in the big city… Introduced to La Cloche in late 50s as a child out of Sudbury…and have been returning ever since. Have logged many, many miles in all seasons throughout the area by canoe and snowshoe; recently (Jan./04)was helped out by John and Ken and their snowmobiles when they came upon me manhauling my familar sled across Charlton, on my way to Cranberry Bay, and here I thank them each again. A testament to the type of good folks in Willisville.

John & Carrie Taylor
06 Feb 2004

Ian Rutherford
05 Feb 2004

Jon, By the smile on your face you are having far too much fun in retirement. Good on you! Enjoyed the tour. Your sunsets are as wonderful as the ones we enjoy at Port Elgin. Ian

Gary Goegan
04 Feb 2004

Late summer 2001 me and my good friend Derek Reed did the turn from Willisville to the Killarney entrance around and back again. Challenging portages were worth it. The scenery was spectactular. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

George Czerny
04 Feb 2004

Hello Jon! Love the website! Love LaCloche! I am writing a book, the working title of which is “George’s Georgian Bay” and want to include reference to your website so that I can help to promote LaCloche! My upcoming book provides a variety of information about places and attractions around Georgian Bay. It provides handy information ( such as where is the closest hospital) as well as my viewpoints about my travels around Georgian Bay. I live in Craigleith, Ontario (near Blue Mountian ski resort) and very close to the shore of southern Georgian Bay. I have been touring around Georgian Bay assembling information for my book. I was in Whitefish Falls, twice, and enjoyed chatting with folks at the general store there! I shall write to you again someday to update you about my book. Keep up the good work! Best regards, George Czerny, “George’s Georgian Bay”, 209763 Highway 26 West, RR 3, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada L9Y 3Z2. E-mail: gczerny@georgian.net

Rae Ann Ylinen
03 Feb 2004

Great web site – congrats to whoever did all the hard work. Enjoy looking at the pics, except for the ones of the burning Red Dog – I’m very lucky to have spent ‘a fair bit of time there’ and have some great memories.

Garry Gordon
02 Feb 2004

Great site Jon. Bet this is a lot more fun than selling newspapers. Best of luck with it and hope to get up your way someday to see those pictures come to life.

Denise J. Guenette
02 Feb 2004

I love the area. Very scenic and peaceful. A friend of mine lived there once, Peter Shaver now living in Val Caron near Sudbury, Ontario. The pictures are great mostly this blue one here. I have a few pictures at home will have to dig them up.. Have a nice day. denise

judy burton
01 Feb 2004

The best web-site about Northern Ontario. We have been to your beautiful little village a few times as our camp is in Manitoulin Island which we visit every weekend. Keep up the good work. I have also met one of your native citzens with the surname of Golden. Excellent work!!!!!!

calvin young
calvin young@hotmail.com
31 Jan 2004

Arthemise Camirand-Peterson
31 Jan 2004

I live in Sudbury, have organized many tours to Manitoulin in the years 1988-91. I called my tour Company “Island Tours:. I always had the buses go into Willisville and White Fish Falls. I would speak of the group of Seven and tell the history of each town or inlet. I love your website. Bravo!

Sharon Sproule
31 Jan 2004

Dear Jon What an absolutely wonderful site you have created – THANK YOU. I printed the picture of Joe and his and your kids – it’s a treasure. He doesn’t have a computer so I’ll mail it to him. Called Lynne Dee, our daughter in Ottawa, and told her about the site. She was delighted. Congratulations!!

Martin Neva
30 Jan 2004

Saw the article in the Sudbury Star today and thought I would take a tour. The landscape photos are terrific. Did you take them? Great site and congratulations. Lively, ON

Linda Denton
30 Jan 2004

Great web site. I just read an article in the Sudbury Star & thought I’d check it out. We often pass by the Willisville road on our way to the Island and sometimes stop at the little lookout just to enjoy the view and let the kids climb the rocks. We live in Val Caron, just north of Sudbury.

29 Jan 2004

Nicky Lamothe
27 Jan 2004

Awesome SITE!

23 Jan 2004

Hi there, just dropped in to see what’s new. Lots of great things to read and look at. Is the ice in yet? See you soon. Vicki

guyman wayo
21 Jan 2004

lovely sites

barbara mueller
07 Jan 2004

After writing to you concerning not being able to access the website, I tried again and it came up immediately. There are some wonderful new pictures and I’m so glad I am back with you!

Dick With
02 Jan 2004

Congratulations on a fascinating website. Another new and related site is at http://www.sweetwaters.ca which is devoted to appreciations of the entire Georgian Bay region. If you or your readers would like to contribute writings or illustrations about the La Cloche/ Killarney region to Sweetwaters, they would be most welcomed. I will try to persuade the webmaster (my son) to include a link to lacloche.ca in his next update. All the best for 2004.

Sue Stewart
31 Dec 2003

Londonderry, NH Hi Mike and Linda. Sue

Jon Bond
23 Dec 2003

seetha Lakshmi
20 Dec 2003

Heather Wilson
Widgawa Lodge
12 Dec 2003

Hello all If anyone is interested in hockey, please watch the Toronto vs. Montreal game on December 20, as our own “Stuart Lindsay Eccles Wilson” (age 5) will make his NHL debute. His team “The Espanola Timbits” will be playing at Air Canada Centre between the 1st and 2nd periods at the TO game. We’ll all very excited for Stuart, and I get to go along to cheer him on. Take care, Heather



07 Dec 2003

You would have some truly beautiful post cards if them pictures ever got printed…

Jessica Scheuerman
04 Dec 2003

I was wondering about the picture in the picture gallery under the 1920’s of Frank and Francis Weber, they are my great grandparents and was just wondering where the picture came from and why they might of been out there, and where is this place located at. Thank you Jessica Scheuerman

Chai Fui Jung
28 Nov 2003

Ray & Betty White
27 Nov 2003

I was just browsing and found your little village. I visited there last summer to refresh memories of 1943. I thought perhaps you might want to add to your history, the story of the lake levels, and the part that John Deagle and finaly Ontario Hydro played in maintaining of it. I wrote up a biographical account of Mr. Deagle’s life several years back. I believe Mr. Jim White of Whitefish Falls may have a copy for some historic work they were doing then. I also sent a copy to the Library in Little Current and the Museum in Sheguenda. Another interesting character of the times was Mr. Jack Dever, who lived out at the highway corner before the new highway came in. I don”t remember too many of the village of Willisville, I believe there was a couple of families by the name of MacDonald. I have visited the gravesite of Ronnie MacDonald in Holland, but haven”to been able to find any reference to him on any veteran’s memorials. Best wishes to you and your lovely village.

Peg Forbes
23 Nov 2003

Jon Butler
18 Nov 2003

Thanks to all of the residents of McGregor Bay who are sending in their photos. Please keep them coming and tell your neighbours about our site.

Dorothy Harvey
05 Nov 2003

I live in McGregor Bay from May until the end of Sept. – Island TP 1403, Middle Samson. (Cambridge, Ont. the rest of the year) Jim Pence told me about this site. It’s quite wonderful! All of us who share this beautiful country count ourselves most fortunate. There is nowhere else quite like it!

kelly kahrmann
04 Nov 2003

I have been vacationing on Charlton Lake since I was born in 1958. I have seen alot of changes, but the beauty of the area always remains. It takes your breath away when you drive up the Willisville road. -Kelly Kahrmann, Ohio, USA

Jim & Ginger Pence
27 Oct 2003

We have owned and enjoyed Island #745 in McGregor Bay from 1983 to the present. Your website is wonderful and we will submit some pictures soon. Thank you for your effort. Jim and Ginger Pence

Frances Kay-Bach
22 Oct 2003

Do you have photos to go with your recipes? It would add so much! I’m looking for one of the duck with blueberry sauce. Sounds scrumptious.

Dale Wilson
Algoma Eastern Railway Heritage Group
21 Oct 2003

RE: Train photos in the Willisville 1940s Photo Gallery. In the case of the shot showing the rear two cars of a mixed train, you might be interested in knowing that the last car on the train is the CPR Superintendent’s car for the Algoma District of CPR. The car was based in Sudbury and numbered 7 and its history is available if anyone is interested. The next to last car is clearly labelled Pullman and the name on the car side cannot quite be made out, although you may have a better image. Such cars were not common, usually being some form of special charter bringing people from the United States to the region. The other photo shows the head end of a mixed train. Note that the locomotive is a relatively heavy freight locomotive, in keeping with the coal business from Turner and quartz hauling from Lawson Quarry. Several passenger cars were hooked on the rear end and travelled at whatever speed the locomotive could manage.

Buddy Weber
29 Sep 2003

I really enjoy your website. Our family has been coming to visit Lake Charlton yearly since 1926. We’re from Dayton, Ohio, USA … But in the summertime, we’re from Willisville. Keep up the good work. – Bud Weber

Bryce Riching
29 Sep 2003

28 Sep 2003

19 Sep 2003

Tina Ohlman (Ferris)
13 Sep 2003

Currently I am living in Barrie,ON. I lived at 1B Crescent in the early 70’s.

Erik Hager
01 Sep 2003

We have been staying at Camp Manitou for 2 years now and have had a wonderful time there. We have gotten to know some great people. I’d like to know more about Fort LaCloche and the trails that travel through the LaCloche Mountains. Can anyone help me? I’m from Brantford Ontario. Thanks, Erik

Cindy Little
27 Aug 2003

My first visit to the Lacloche mountains was an excellent one. My family and I stayed at Whitefish Falls and had an excellent time. We live in Sarnia, Ontario. I could not get enough of the beautiful scenery. I can’t wait to come back again next year!!!

Stan Collins
21 Aug 2003

My family and I live in Granville Ohio, USA. My cousin Robert Collins purchased a property on the Bay of Islands side of Birch Island two years ago, which made visiting the area very easy. We have done so several times since, including our most recent visit in August 2003. All members of the family enjoy the area immensely, and we have taken many beautiful photographs that we prize, inclusing some from the fire tower trail on Willisville Road. Thank you for making your beautiful website such a nice way to revisit the area. The Collins Family

20 Aug 2003

Thanks for the great time we had in Willisville last week. So nice of you to arrange that spectacular sunrise on Fire Tower Mountain. The blueberries were wonderful, especially Mrs. Golden’s muffins hot from the oven. Shelby is dreaming of going back, to run free and swim in the lake……Can’t wait to go back to Wonderful Welcome Willisville! Vicki, Sam and Shelby

Peg Hewson
19 Aug 2003

Dear Jon and Kerry, This is not a comment on your website but a personal message that I thought would interest you. Our younger son Ben lives in Kelowna,B.C. in rented quarters in the middle of a vinyard on Lakeshore Drive. At present he is part of an Evacuation alert in case the forest fire should move any closer to his area. Today he and his landlord have cut down and removed 35 trees to provide a break from the approaching fire. To see some spectacular photos of the area and the fire, see http://www.castanet.net-the website of Kelowna. We are tied up in Sudbury with family coming and going from John Island these weekends. Hope to get to Willisville soon. In the meantime we are waiting for Mars. Thanks for the info. Hope to see you next time we are in the area. Peg H. P.S. Do you have a copy of Eunice Richards book on the Bay of Islands?

Lowell and Suzie Fuqua
17 Aug 2003

04 Aug 2003

always better

Bob Quigley
28 Jul 2003

Loved the pix of your town. I am Linda’s Charman’s brother and I am delighted to see that you found something useful for Mike to do:o ) ie building a basketball court. It appears that you live in paradise. Have a wonderful day. Bob Quigley USA/Florida

Robert Barclay
22 Jul 2003

Coming up for a visit in early August….How is the blueberry crop looking?

Lisa and Colleen Thompson
21 Jul 2003

We were residents of Willisville in the 70’s, we may have some pictures of that time. We would love to see any pictures from the 70’s. We noticed a few pictures from the 70’s were of my sister and I and a few of the kids I grew up with. It was truly amazing to see. We would also like to see more pictures of Willisville – houses and old places where we used to hang out. If you know anyone who has those please e-mail us and let us know. thank you and keep up the good work.

21 Jul 2003

Hi everyone, I’ll be trying Linda’s blueberry recipes the second I get some fresh ones. Can’t wait to visit in August and pick my own! Tell Andy not to eat too many, leave some for me. Vicki

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Guest Book Entries January 2006 to November 2008

November 21, 2008
I was involved in the Rainbow Country TV series, my character was officer Nixon, also did all flying for series as double for cast member Wally Koster who played the bush pilot. The cast and crew were all based out of Whitefish Falls. Wondering if anyone might have taken any photos behind scenes of any of the episodes, out takes, etc. I would love to be able to see and maybe purchase some. You can contact me at jonsad@aci.on.ca.
Thank you and happy holidays to all.
John Sadowski.

February 28, 2008
Hi, Great website! Do you know any of the history of the bombshelter between the tracks and hwy. 6 in Whitefish Falls? I have visited that site before and cannot find any info about why it was made there. I heard it had to do with Roosevelt’s fishing trips. Thanks

Dan Turnbull
January 21, 2008
It’s a cold January evening in Oakville and I came across the web site while looking for McGregor Bay which holds many memories from my first of many trips to Ferguson’s at the age of 12 in 1960 when I first met Godfrey McGregor to honeymooning there in 1976.
I haven’t been back since and it’s time. Where or from whom could I rent a cottage this year – located somewhere near where Ferguson’s (Silva’s) camp and store was located?
Any ideas gratefully accepted.

Jake Arnold
January 7, 2008
I am still looking for information about John Dever owner of Tower Hill Cabins at the entrance to Willisville. His common-law wife Mary Peltier lived there after his death in 1950 They had a son Bobby who was born about 1933 and died when he was 5 or 6. I can not find a death record for him or where he was buried. John Dever my grandfather was buried in Little Currrent. My father Andy Dever was John’s son from his first marriage to Mary Richards from somewhere on the island. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Barbara Smith
Granddaughter Belleville Ont.
October 30, 2007

My name is Ernest Willis and I live in Littleborough Lancashire England.

My sister Mavis and I are researching our family history and have traced them back through Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and to Somerset in the 1700’s.

It would be nice to think that your Ernest is some distant relative who has had the good fortune to find such a beautiful place to live and have it named after him.

If we find anything about his ancestors in our researches we will let you know.

Our best wishes to all the Willis clan and all the fortunate residents of Willisville.

Ernest and Mavis Willis
September 27, 2007
leo burton, ty mad, kerguiniou, 22220 trédarzec, bretagne, france

From 1958 to 1960, I was the teacher in the one-room school. At the time Willisville was a company town,
and the chairman of the school-board was the boss at the quarry;

My two years there were about the happiest two years of my life

It might be of interest to present residents to know what life was like
at that time in Willisville
I wonder if anyone in Willisville would be able to have access to your local history of the 1920 – 1926 era. Both my parents and grandparents lived there during that period. My grandfather was Robert Alexander Brash and my Father was Robert Earl Brash. My father was a friend of Mr. Lorne Busquet and he knew Angus Holman.
Does anyone there know if what later became known as Brash Island was at one time known as Junk Island?
As you can probably guess, I’m working on our family history.
I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who can help me on this point.
Vern (Brash) Bertram,
e-mail: vbertram@rogers.com
phone: (905) 882-6087
August 2007
If anyone has any information about my Grandfather John Dever who owned Tower Hill Cabins on the highway on the opposite side of the entrance to Willisville I would be so happy to hear from you. He lived there with his common-law wife Mary Peltier. They had one son Bobby who died from appendicitis about 1939. I visited him there many times and enjoyed the mountains, the tower and picking blueberries. We slept in the cottage on the mountain below the tower. Many parties were held there and many of his friends and neighbours attended. There was lots of drinking, dancing and playing cards. I enjoyed many summers there and visited Willisville and Whitefish Falls many times. Please e-mail me at barbcam@sympatico.ca if you have any stories or info about him.
Thank you

July 20, 2007
Here is a Kitts family photo taken about 1965 on the ice in front of the Moredolphton dock, facing east toward the channel leading to Whitefish Falls.

In the photo we are clearing snow from the ice in preparation for ice cutting later in the winter. To my memory, ice was cut here in 1964 with a team of horses for the last time. By 1965 we cut ice with an Alpine Skidoo then owned by Dean Eaton, with assistance from my good friend Steamboat (Harry Mitchell) perhaps ‘deaf Mike’ and others whose names I have forgotten.

We left Moredolphton early in 1967 for New Brunswick. I am the boy in the back. The photo is taken by my late father Bob Kitts, who passed away this winter.

I fondly remember my time there and wish the best to everyone.
Jim Kitts
June 13, 2007
Hello –

Was just looking over your photo gallery of McGregor Bay and would
like to offer pictures from our  spot on the north shore of McGregor

My husband’s family, Ed & MaryAnn Streacker, first built the cottage
in 1967 and have been loyally vacationing there every summer (and
even winter!) since.  This Friday, my husband and I and our three
boys will continue the tradition by meeting my in-laws, Ed and
MaryAnn at the cottage for a week.

I would love to be able to contribute to your collection with some of
the beautiful pictures that we will capture of our “end” of the bay
next week.  When we return, we would be more than happy to send you
some photos of winter in the bay as well as some original photos of
Reuben Green’s (our neighbor) legacy in McGregor Bay.
Deb Streacker, daughter-in-law to Ed & MaryAnn Streacker, wife to Jeff
January 20, 2007_
Butler U. E., Charles Lorne October 26, 1925 – January 20, 2007

BUTLER, Charles Lorne, U.E.L. At the Little Current Hospital on Saturday, January 20, 2007 in his 82nd year, Charles Lorne Butler, U.E.L. Born in Brantford on October 26, 1925; son of the late Charles and Victoria Butler. Son-in-law of the late Samuel and Ellen Belshaw. Pre-deceased by his devoted wife of 56 years Mildred (nee Belshaw). Loving father of Jon Charles Butler and his wife Kerry of Willisville and Vicki Ellen Butler of Ancaster. Most loved Grandpa to Loren, Vanessa and Samuel Butler and Samuel Guagliano. Brother to Jean Hooton and her husband Jack, the late Robert Butler and the late Gordon Butler, all of Brantford. Survived by many nieces and nephews. Lorne proudly served for the D.E.M.S. during the Second World War. He was honoured to be a Butler’s Ranger and United Empire Loyalist. After 31 years he retired from Thomson Newspapers and has spent the last 25 years enjoying life. He will be missed terribly and loved always.



December 12, 2006
My grandfather was Robert Earl Brash. His address was listed as Willisville in 1921. I know that from my Father’s birth certificate. I never knew my grandfather but my research lead me to Willisville in 1997 and I met a Mr. Golden – at least I think that was his name. He told me that he knew my grandfather and that there was an island about 3 miles up the lake (not absolutely sure of the name of the lake) named Brash Island and that my grandfather lived there. He was a stationary engineer and apparently worked in a mine owned by the Bousquet’s and I guess sometimes for a railroad that passed through Willisville. He died in 1944 at the Red Cross Hospital in Espanola. Apparently he was taken there by someone by the name of Kerr (I think). This person was still living after 1997 but apparently was somewhat of a recluse and phone contact was only possible when he turned the power on to his phone. I have an uncle who lived for a time as an infant as did my father on Brash Island. My uncle has talked with both of the elderly Bousquets in Little Current (I understand that the elderly Mr Bousquet died around 2000) as well as this Mr Kerr. The Bousquet’s recalled my father and the breakup of my grandparents’ marriage. From my uncle’s visits, we were able to obtain the only 2 known photographs of my Grandfather, Robert Brash. Neither of the photographs shows my grandfather’s face, at least not directly. As my grandfather and grandmother separated, both my father and uncle never had direct contract with Robert Brash. We would very much like to confirm the existence of Brash Island. I’m told his cabin is still there and I would especially like to find a photograph that showed his face. Looking through your photo gallery is fascinating and leads me to hope that some one out there may actually have a picture with him in it. Oh yes. My father was Kenneth Carmichael Brash. He was adopted by the Lester family when he was 26 after returning home from service in Europe during WW11. His birth mother would never give permission for the adoption so it had to wait for the courts to deal with it. He wanted to legally use the name when he married my mother.

I know that this is a long shot, but I’m hoping if you read this that something might come to mind and you can help’


Bill Lester



and greetings from sunny England

I’m not sure if you’d be able to help me but I’m tracing my grandfathers family tree and was wondering whether you have a Gordon Chadwick Willis (b approx 1919) or his father Gordon John H. Willis (not sure what the H stands for.)

Gordon was serving with the Royal Canadian Navy in Grimsby UK in 1940

I’d be incredibly grateful for any help

Best wishes

Nigel Deans
October 17, 2006

Thank you for bringing back so many memories. Our family Ron and Helen MacNeill with their 3 children Robert, Janet,Margaret lived in Willisville for two years in the late 40’s.

Dad worked for Lawson Quarry and Mom’s claim to fame was being the first women to climb the fire tower.

We moved to Levack but always visited our Willisville families.
Reading your guest book has brought back many names from the past. Myrna Campbell’s family, the Chapmans, Tilson’s, Fry’s, Withers etc…I took friends down the Willisville road in 2005 and was reminded how beautiful the view was and how scary the road still is.

Thanks again for making my day.

Margaret Dumont
Elliot Lake Ontario

September 13, 2006
Thanks for a great collection of photos.

My dad grew up in Willisville as my grandfather was (I believe) quarry master or superintendent for a few years.

I look at the picture from the 50s of the movie at the school and I swear I see my son in the second row – apparently a Tilston is a Tilston is a Tilston…

Loved the picture of toilet rock from the 70s as it brought back memories of when I was young and visited. I always thought it was amazing that we had my grandfather’s house in Willisville and cottage on the Manitoulin.

Again thanks and if my parents and uncles and aunts (mom maiden name is Gregg and Dad’s sister is a Kerr… so my Willisville heritage comes from many sides) don’t already know about your site they do now.

Gregg Tilston

August 25, 2006
Rodgers, Nancy Jane (nee Read) September 5, 1961 – August 21, 2006.

Peacefully in Midland Ontario with family members and friends present and in spirit.

Nancy’s loving spirit lives on through her daughter Kathleen Anne Rodgers and son James Patrick Rodgers.

Nancy is survived by and will be sorely missed by her parents Nancy and Art Read, her sisters Patti, Susan, Mary, her brothers Tom and Chris and all her nieces, nephews, cousins and her life long friend and loving husband of 24 years Patrick John Rodgers.

The immediate family wishes to extend our thanks for their thoughts and support to all of Nancy’s extended family which includes friends from Waubaushene, Midland, Grand Bend, London, Toronto, Mississauga, her co-workers at The Home Depot Orilla, children and staff from Waubaushene Public School, Friends of the Wye Marsh, The OSPCA , Midland Branch and GSW Building Products.

Memorial donations to the Friends of the Wye Marsh or the OSPCA Midland Branch would be appreciated.

July 17, 2006
Alena Merial Willis
Do you know anything about this lady’s life history ?

Thank you
July 15, 2006

I finally found my copy of the “Waiting for the train.” (Willisville Photo Gallery 1920s) My copy
includes all of the woman on the left in the front row but not the
woman in the Middle of the top row. It is labled: Top – Frank A.
Weber, Charley Miller ( from Dayton) , ?, Maybe Charlie Golden; Bottom
row: Aurelia Thenen Weber, Francis Weber, Bob Golden. It also says
“probably just arrived on train.” My Great Aunt seems to have fresh
flowers on her lapel so they could be leaving. Could the woman in the
middle top row be Maude Kinsmen? They stayed at her camp early on.

There is also a picture from the 30’s at the station. I can tell that
my great Grandfather Frank A. Weber is in the center with the straw
hat. I’m afraid the grumpy looking one in dark coat ( 2nd from right)
and the ugly hat is my Great Grandmother Aurelia Thenen Weber. Since
they are there, It is likely that my Great Aunt Francis is in there
too. I suspect the she is hatted woman in the back left( 3rd in) but
the picture is not that clear. If they were travelling together the
dark suited man might be Charlie Miller, as he often came to camp with
my great grandfather.

Hope this helps some. If I find the rest of the pictures I’ll scan
them and send them.

Bonnie Wheeler

July 3, 2006
I once purchased a blueberry butter at a festival near Portland, Maine. Was very similar to apple butter in consistency. Have you seen such a recipe that you could share?
Audrey Berman Kestner

June 20, 2006
Hello, I stumbled upon this site on hopes of looking for the place where i used to visit during summer with my grandparents and family.

My name is Andy Jennings I’m 19. My grandparents were Tom and Doris Brown. They recently sold their island up there and it was full of priceless memories. I made a lot of friends too. The last time I visited was 2 years ago.

May 22, 2006

Oh does this bring back memories! I have found some old friends that I never
thought I would hear from again all from your site.

I spent every summer up there from the time i was one till I was 16. Now I get
up there maybe once every 2 years or so. And you can bet I miss it! Most of you
remember me as Norma and Sam Starbuck’s granddaughter, Lori.

I have fond memories of playing with the kids of Willisville, learning to swim
with them from Lisa, playing in the old school house and just running around the

I would love to hear from all of my “old” friends, so feel free to drop me a
line and maybe we can have a mini reunion when I come up this summer….

Lori Bradley
Raleigh, NC (via Columbus, Ohio)

May 17, 2006

My family lived in Willisville for many years when I was a child. I have two
siblings Tammy and Megan. It was the greatest time in our lives and wish to
raise a family in a small spot like this eventually. I made some great friends
living here and just wanted to say Hello.
Terri Humphreys
April 30, 2006
I used to own some property on Charlton lake that I inherited from my
grandparents – Ralph and Helen Clark.
We were aquainted with Emerson Lloyd and stopped by every now and then. I
remember watching him paint, although he did not seem to want company when he
was working on anything too “elaborate.” My dad and I got to talking about him
the other day and I decided to see if there was anything on the internet
pertaining to him. I was a bit disappointed to find not a single scan of his
artwork on the internet – not even the smallest of files. Nor does there seem to
be anything about him personally; not even upon finding the La Cloche art show
page. Granted, that most of his work is probably scattered and privately owned,
but you must know someone who owns one of Lloyd’s more elaborate wildlife
watercolors that you could post – or are there copyright issues?.

Dave Conklin
Sunbury, Ohio
April 24, 2006
Ended up on your website and have to thank you for “Making My Day”.
I did not know that there was a lake named after me 🙂 until I saw your
pictures of Nellie Lake.
Well, you can tell by my email address my first name is Nellie and was looking
for a flower named Nellie and ended up with a lake instead.

Thank you
April 21, 2006
Does anyone remember my grandfather John Dever who owned Tower hill Cabins? He
lived there for quite a few years until he died in !950 Any info would be great.

Thank you Barbara Smith
April 11, 2006

March 27, 2006
We bought our cottage in 1971 along the mainland on the “other side of the
hill” at Birch Island….Our names are Joe and Norma Book from Albany, Ind. We
bought from Alex and Doris Brown of Little Current. Eddie and Doe Dennis had
the red cottage just west of us and the Jone’s had the cottage that had been the
president of the railroad along that edge….We spend 20 yrs there. Before
that we came up and went out to Granma Magoons island in Mcgregor Bay…
I always said I was going to write a book about our time up there….Joe had
been going there for 20 yrs before he met me…I loved the area and the people
and insisted on having a cottage of our own….
If you need some history of that area let me know and will try to remind you
of some of the people that we remember….I have some pictures that will send
with a friend from Willisville…….
So wonderful to see this web site……..Bgardenlady@cs.com aka Norma

February 15, 2006
I visited Willisville in 1948 when i was holidaying at my Grandfather’s home
Tower Hill Cabins. His name was john Dever We climbed the mountain and the
tower. I remember being very scared but made it to the top. My dad john Andrew
Dever lived in Little Current for many years. later moving to Little current
and then Sudbury. We climbed all over picking blueberries to have fresh pie.
Mary was my grandfather’s commom-law wife.They had a son Bobby but he died at
age 12 around 1943or 45. When I saw your website on the internet it brought back
many happy memories. If anyone there would have any info on my grandparents I
would like to know.
Thank you Barbara
February 5, 2006

This is not a recipe but rather a story about a blueberry pie incident that
occurred in Willisville in the summer of 1986.

In the summer of 1986 my wife Nancy and her good friend Irena were pregnant
right at the peak of blueberry season. One July day Nancy and Irena hiked
behind Willisville and picked enough blue berries and raspberries for an
extremely large deep dish blueberry/raspberry pie.

When I came home from work, (horse logging in Red Deer village), I entered the
house and smelt the pie. I asked Nancy how her day went and she recounted how
she and Irena went blueberry picking and then baked a pie. Looking forward to a
slice of fresh pie I asked if I could have some before dinner.

Nancy calmly looked me in the eye and said no. Reason for saying no is that she
and Irena had eaten the entire pie!!! Not a crumb was left for me or Irena’s
husband Paul.

Given that Nancy is 5’2″ and Irena was maybe 5′ 3″ I was amazed that they could
have eaten the entire pie, but since they were both pregnant I thought better
than to complain about not getting any pie for myself!!

Take care and thanks again for the website.

Pat and Nancy Rodgers
Waubaushene ON

January 2006
Hello there,

I have found your web site on Webbwood CPR history and was wondering
if you have come across a railway accident around 1904 or 1905. My
grandfather’s name was David James Graham (approx age 22 + yrs) and
apparently worked as a brakeman for the CPR in Hallam or somewhere around
there. He was married at the time with a small child approx (2 yrs old)
and another one on the way. His wife’s name was Catherine Stewart from
Webbwood. The child (the one-on-the-way) was my father and he never
knew his father. We don’t know if it’s true he died as a result of a
CPR accident and we would be most interested to find out. We would like
to know as much as possible about him. When and were he died, how etc.
I’m doing a family history and my father’s side is pretty bare.

My father was bone Feb 9, 1905 in Webbwood. His father’s name was
David James Graham and was supposed to have died just before my father
was born, making the date of his death around 1904, 1905. Rumor has it
that he was from the Carleton area, but we are not sure. He had two
spinster sisters. One I believe was Ellen Graham. There must be
something in the newspapers at the time of the accident. My grandmother
Catherine Stewart remarried a few years later to Joe Morgan another
railroader and they resided in North Bay.

My father has since deceased and never got to know the truth, but I
really want to know. Grandmother was very secretive about the history
and we don’t know why.

If you could help us I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much,

Jane McPhee
January 2006
Hi there,
My name is Tom Desjardins…….my family had a cabin on Charlton Lake for many
years and I worked in the camps as a kid….Widgawa Lodge……Kerrs…….and I
guided fishermen too………it’s great to see a lot of old familiar names that
have come up as a result of your page….in fact there are some people I would
love to hear from again……I will look at the site again when I have some more
time……I now live in Summerland B.C. and I welcome any e-mails from old
friends and acquaintances…..I also used to live in Willisville in the first
house on the left at the bottom of the hill…..my sister lived there
too…..nice to see the old place ..if only in pictures………we sure had a
lot of fun growing up there



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