Bay of Islands

My uncle owned an island in the Bay of Islands.  I was 7 years old when I first went there.  At the time he parked at Birch Island Station where he would have his Peterborough boat brought to us on arrivel for our trip to the island.  We would go by the Lodge on our way to camp, as we were on the opposite side of the lake.  I recall hearing the bell ring for meals at the lodge, the boats with guides from the lodge trolling with fisherman and the bridge that spanned the channel between the lodge and the other island.  We would go by there regularly when we were going fishing.  This was in the early 60″s.
 Unfortunately my uncle sold his island in ’92, as he was older and could no longer do the work required to take care of it.  Wish I knew he was going to sell it!  Nine years aga, 3 friends of mine and I started going up.  They could not believe the scenery and the fishing.  We stay in Whitefishfalls at Bay Villa Lodge each year.  Looking forward to going this year.
Mark Chiodo
Bradfor, Pa.  USA
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